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Mambo in the Mix Essencial


Mambo In The Mix For Red Cross


It’s getting to be an annual occurrence; as we head towards the end of the season Mambo usually delivers something extra special. Last summer, Carl Cox and The Brand New Heavies played live on the terrace, this summer Mambo In The Mix brings DJs, island celebrities and clubbers together to help raise funds for Ibiza and Formentera Red Cross. Mambo In The Mix sees superstar DJs working behind the bar and the grill while clubbers bid for the chance to play a tune in the hallowed Mambo DJ booth as well as getting their favourite DJ to mix them a cocktail! Ibiza may be an island where excesses are often encouraged and where the party is the focal point but it is also a place where people care about what’s going on and are happy to give something back. Mambo showed this evening that you can have a good time while making a difference.

 Mambo in the Mix


The international committee of the Red Cross was recently awarded the Principe de Asturias 2012 prize in recognition of its work with children, women, the elderly, the unemployed and the homeless in situations of extreme poverty. The ‘Now + Ever’ project directly helps the people of Ibiza and Formentera, which is the cause that Café Mambo has chosen to raise funds for. Despite the growing success of Ibiza there is still a large part of the population that is seriously suffering and Mambo hopes that tonight’s activities and fund raising will help the process of making a change in the lives of those less fortunate.


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We arrive at the sunset Strip just as Duane Harding and Igor Marijuan (Sonica Radio) introduce themselves and tell the packed bar and terrace exactly what is about to happen. Inside, Woody van Eyden is hosting his radio show from the far corner behind the bar, keeping everyone off the island up to date with what’s happening. Carl Cox and Judge Jules are serving drinks and Armin van Buuren is trying to work out how to make a cosmopolitan! There are DJs and producers arriving every minute, getting their mambo In The Mix t-shirt on and getting involved! The set list has been carefully prepared by Matthew Charles, Mambo resident, with some input from Christian and Alan Anadon and the clubbers are bidding on the songs that they would like to play, with all proceeds going to the Red Cross. Between 7pm and 9pm there also the added bonus of your favourite DJ making your drink, at a cost of course, drinks ranging from five euros to twenty, again al the money goes to the Red Cross.


Mambo in the Mix Mambo in the Mix


In addition to the music auction and celebrity drink pouring, tables are also auctioned off on the Mambo Terrace, raffle tickets are being sold and you can buy special Mambo In The Mix t-shirts, there’s nothing that has not been thought of to make sure that the Red Cross gets the maximum support from the night. Although there is a serious side to tonight’s proceedings, the emphasis is still on fun, it is Ibiza after all. Playing the famous Café Mambo sunset tune brings the first bidding war of the night, with the Mambo family eventually paying €400 to have bar owner Javier play Pink Floyd’s ‘I Wish You Were Here’, which got a huge cheer from the packed terrace. A procession of would be DJs followed, taking the chance to play a tune in one of the world’s most recognisable DJ booths, it’s fair to say the filter button has never seen so much action!


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Inside and Roger Sanchez has joined the celebrity barmen, taking orders, pouring drinks, having a bit of banter with the punters and getting his picture taken. The grill has been fired up and Seth Troxler and Jamie Jones are in charge of making sure your hot dog is cooked to perfection. Hats off to the boys because Tuesday is normally the day they get some sleep after a few days partying non-stop but they have made it down to Mambo and are getting into the spirit of the occasion. I, however, wasn’t brave enough to risk a hot dog but Neil Evans from Renaissance did and he lived to tell the tale! Duane Harden is back on the microphone, urging people to give generously and bigging up the DJs that have come down to get involved. The Nervo twins are the latest to arrive, there was a rumour flying around that they were turning out in naughty nurses uniforms, the massive mambo crowd is delighted that they turned out to be true!


Mambo in the Mix Mambo in the Mix


As Duane does his thing as compare, the start of Armand Van Heldens ‘You Don’t Even Know Me’, which gets a huge cheer and which Duane was the original singer on so we are treated to a live performance from the man himself, including some audience participation at the end as he carries on singing after the tune stops. The atmosphere is amazing, everyone is getting involved in the spirit of the night, the back of the DJ booth is ten deep as people wait for their turn to play a tune, some of them have bid to have their favourite DJ join them in the booth while they play their tune, this is the stuff of dream for many of these clubbing fanatics. The bar is packed and the DJs are working harder than they’ve done in a long time to keep up with the drinks orders and photo requests.


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As the last of the DJ bidders played their tune, Eric Prydz takes over deck duty and delivers a cool set to finish off proceedings as the raffle is drawn and the last of the t-shirts sold and Mambo starts to get back to something like normal service. Special mention has to go to the owners and staff of Café Mambo who worked hard to deliver an amazing evening, in conjunction with their DJs friends from around the world, they offered an opportunity for the people of Ibiza to get involved in an amazing party that would benefit a just cause in the Red Cross and the people responded.


Mambo in the Mix